Edwin Blyde Plain Pewter Tankard

SKU: G1729

Beautiful handcrafted Edwin Blyde, glass bottomed tankard, made of polished Sheffield Pewter

  • Hand crafted by skilled craftsmen and women
  • Produced in the UK by a long established company
  • Sheffield polished Pewter
  • Brass lip and base trim
  • Glass bottomed
  • Holds approx 1 Pint
  • Shaped handle for easy and comfortable lifting
  • Height: 5" (12.5cm)

In the 18th century sailors were forced to join the Royal Navy by press gangs who would put a shilling coin in the mans tankard of beer. If the man drank it he had accepted the "Kings Shilling". To avoid this, pewter tankards with glass bases were made so that the coin inside could be seen. Beware you don't want to be press ganged!