Environment Policy

Our Mission

As a company we are aware that we have a responsibility to do what we can to minimise our impact on the environment. We actively seek suppliers who share our values.  Please see below details on what we have implemented.

At HQ we have invested in Solar Panels, which we have now had in place for a while. 

We have switched all office lighting to energy-conserving LED bulbs and to power-saving motion-sensor lighting.

We actively recycle any unwanted card and Paper.  

We have sourced where possible British made products to minimise our carbon footprint.  

We stock refillable and reusable home fragrance products – this helps to cut down on waste produced by empty vessels. 

Some of our Home Fragrance suppliers have created new fragrances using special, sustainable ECOBOOST® technology that reduces the amount of fragrance ingredients needed in the manufacturing process, leading to lower emissions and a reduced carbon footprint.

Some of our suppliers have opted for recycled Kraft Packaging for their gift boxes, this is a work in progress and our customers will see a change with the gift box supplied.


Where possible our Warehouse team will pack your order in a reusable box, if a suitable box is not available, then we may use a new box which is recycled cardboard boxes.

Your order may arrive in a Polythene Mail Bag, please note this is a recycled bag and again can be put in your recycle bin to be recycled once more.

Any air bags and polystyrene chippings we receive in our supplier deliveries will be reused to help package your order.

We also use recycled bubble wrap for parcel packaging – this can be put into your recycle bin, however this CANNOT be used on your compost bin.