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Eau Lovely Dublin Gemstone Candle - Eau So Special

SKU: Eau220758095

  • Eau So Special
  • H:9cm D:8cm W:8cm
  • 100% Soy Wax
  • Wooden Wick
  • Made in Ireland
  • Beautiully Gift Boxed

Gemstone: Green Aventurine is a comforter and heart healer. It neutralises all sources of electromagnetic pollution, blocking out emanations from computers, television and other electronic equipment. Green Aventurine settles nausea and dissolves negative emotions and thoughts. It brings well-being and emotional calm. 

Fragrance: Gorgeous notes of Thai Frangipani and fresh holy basil and gorgeous lime zest.

Eau Lovely Dublin is an Irish brand specialising in natural soy wax candles, combining them with a passion for gemstones and the belief that ‘As you think so shall you be!’.