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Willow Tree Music Speaks (Darker Skin & Hair) Figurine

SKU: WT28232
£3760 £4700

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  • Height: 18cm 
  • Message on the card inside reads: "Moved by the power of music"
  • Supplied in a branded gift box

This piece has darker skin and hair, and is carved with contrasting pattern of musical symbols, instruments and dancing figures.

"Music is the foundation of all the performing arts. Music transports us - it can be absorbed quietly, evoking strong memories, or move us in powerful ways. It makes us dance, laugh, cry, sing, create. It's the cornerstone of so much that we love. Her gesture is one of being enraptured. She could be the listener, or she could be the performer, sharing her gift with others." - Susan Lordi

Ideal for people who are musicians, actors, singers, dancers… those who share their musical talent with others through teaching or performance.

Also, a gift for those who enjoy the performing arts in any form.