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Village Candle Dritec Fragranced Diffuser Reeds - Balsam Fir

SKU: G25201

Balsam Fir - Bergamot, evergreen leaves and fresh balsam with notes of oak moss

  • Contains 5 Reeds
  • Dry, no oils
  • No need to flip
  • Easy dry handling
  • 30 days of fragrance
  • Environmentally friendly

These Ultra Intense Dri-Tec reeds have been created with tightly wrapped paper that is infused with scent, without additional chemicals, or heat. The result is a pure fragrance infused into the reeds that releases gently into the air when they are placed in a holder and left in your room. A great way to deliver a beautiful fragrance to your room without the use of flames, sprays, or liquids