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Heart & Home Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

SKU: HH00400050001
£2000 £2500

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  • Ceramic Diffuser 
  • Size: H:8.5cm W:9.3cm D:8.5cm (approx)
  • Two Vapour Settings
  • Light Changing Sequence
  • USB Cable 

The Heart and Home Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser quietly fragrances the home and is the perfect way to enjoy the divine fragrance selection of Heart and Home essential oil blends. Essential oils have long been recognised for their therapeutic benefits to health. Helping to reduce anxiety, lift your mood and aid sleep.

The pretty ceramic diffuser looks stylish in any room. The white gloss ceramic top has a stylish textured diamond pattern. The aroma diffuser gently and quietly blends a few drops of the concentrated oil with water to create a fine vapour which is dispersed into the room for instant ambience. There are two vapour settings, constant or intermittent vapour, depending on the level of fragrance you desire. Select your choice of coloured light changing sequence to bring calm and peace to your space. The diffuser will automatically stop when the water is gone so you can leave your diffuser to beatuifully and safely infuse the home with the most divine, uplifting aromas.

Perfectly packaged in striking foiled gift box, the Heart and Home Aroma Diffuser is the consumate gift for any home fragrance lover.

Please Note: Essential Oils Not Included