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Ashleigh & Burwood The Scented Home Diffuser Fragrance 300ml - Moroccan Spice

SKU: G33392

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Ashleigh & Burwood - Scented Home Collection

  • 300ml Fragrance Refill
  • Lasts for up to six months

FRAGRANCE - Moroccan Spice: Top up your empty Reed Diffuser with the exciting aromas of a hot Moroccan souk combined with a rich blend of warm honey, orange and nutmeg scents. Base notes of sandalwood, agarwood and resin add an earthy depth to this Moroccan Spice Diffuser Fragrance.

Fragrance Type: Spicy & Woody

Fragrance Notes: Orange, Sandalwood, Benzoin

Reed Diffusers offer flameless fragrance and will work continuously to fragrance a room for a number of months - We recommend using new reeds after refilling your diffuser.