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Ashleigh & Burwood Life In Bloom Lamp Fragrance 500ml - White Tea & Basil

SKU: G34714

  • Life In Bloom Collection
  • 1 x 500ml bottle of premium lamp fragrance
  • Burning Time (approx): 20 Hours
  • Made in the UK

White Tea & Basil: A revitalising, aromatic blend bursting with the scents of a verdant kitchen garden.  Light notes of fresh white tea mingle with herbaceous basil and enlivening hints of peppermint and sweet musk.

Fragrance Type: Sweet & Floral

PLEASE NOTE: Lamp Fragrances are intended to be used only with Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamps.

Lamp Fragrances are not the same as Fragrance Oils and cannot be used in an Oil Burner.