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Ashleigh & Burwood Heritage Lamp Fragrance 500ml - Rose & Golden Leather

SKU: G35217

  • 1 x 500ml bottle of premium lamp fragrance
  • Burning Time (approx): 20 Hours
  • Made in the UK

Rose & Golden Leather: Unwind in the heart of luxury as the golden glow of candlelight dances over furnishings of soft leather. A seductively spicy scent of exquisite baies rose, tantalising pepper, and warm cinnamon fragrances the air, while rich cedarwood crackles and burns in the hearth.

PLEASE NOTE: Lamp Fragrances are intended to be used only with Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamps. Lamp Fragrances are not the same as Fragrance Oils and cannot be used in an Oil Burner.