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Ashleigh & Burwood Frosted Earth Fragrance Lamp Gift Set - Earth`s Aura

SKU: G35623

The Frosted Earth Fragrance Lamp Gift Sets – featuring both a brand new mosaic Fragrance Lamp and a brand new scent – Frosted Earth. The Earth’s Aura Fragrance Lamp features a glittering mosaic of fresh mint, cool aqua and rich gold mosaic fragments – paired with the refreshing, nature-inspired scent of Frosted Earth in beautiful limited edited gift boxes. Created using a special sustainable ECOBOOST® formulation that reduces the fragrance’s carbon footprint, Frosted Earth is an aromatic fragrance of fresh, coastal notes and delicate lily of the valley, enhanced by a salty nuance of driftwood and earthy moss. The Fragrance Lamp box and the Lamp Fragrance bottle are recyclable and can be recycled among other household items.